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Welcome to HBP Innovations / Hot Buddy Products temporary web site. Currently we are working to establish a new and more user friendly web site and want to thank you in advance for your patients during this process. Please order online or call us at 408-829-2500 for fast customer service.

Below are a number of current product that we sell and have sold since the year 2000.

All products on this page were created by me Patrick Cone and are backed with the type of warrantee that a person would expect to have.

Thanks again, enjoy!

Soap Buddy
Skiers most "handy" binding lube holder
Soap Buddy is ready when you are. When it's time to ski, there's no time to waste looking for lube. Soap buddy conveniently mounts to smooth surfaces such as your boat... suction cup it above the rear platform and you're on your way! 
Pocket Buddy
The worlds most "revolutionary" portable pocket!
Tired of things banging around in the glove box or simply getting misplaced? Well, you're in for a treat here, this water repellant, stretchable neoprene pocket really protects your belonging as well as making it extremely easy to access... it saves you time and keeps things looking good. Pocket Buddy quickly and securely fastens to glass and gelcoat making it ideal for any water enthusiast. 
Power Flag
Who wants to hold the flag? Better yet, who wants to get up off the couch and turn the TV channel? Not me! And I bet you would rather not as well. Obviously it's because we all LOVE that "push button" convenience that saves us time and makes are life easier. Imagine for a second what it would feel like to the people on your boat to finally have a button in their hand that instantly turns that unexciting task into something... now fun and cool! 
The 12V robotic SAFETY device no boater should be without!
Please call for availability and pricing. 408-829-2500
Trash Sack
The ultimate portable trash containment system!
Remember how good it felt the last time you cleaned your automobile or boat of its lingering trash? Imagine never having to put up with that ugly mess again. Never before has there been an attractive, portable containment system that holds so much trash. The bigger the better they say! Seriously, the less time you have to deal with trash the better, right?
Trash Sack is a "system" that posses more features than you would expect. From its containment lid, its zipper to seal contents, its extension straps that secure around trees, chairs, seats, to its "liner" storage compartment and of course its suction cup quick stick fastening straps and durable plastic liners, Trash Sack will, with out a doubt... make you SMILE! 
Patrick Cone
Innovator/Master Upholster/mentor


Replacement Liners
12 liner to a pack
1 pack should last
about 1 year. $8.49